• Bite It is a concept of counting bites and not calories, you will not only become more aware of what foods you eat, but also how much you consume at any given time of day.
  • What we have created is not a dieting tool, a fad, or anything along those lines. It’s a concept that gives users a different way of approaching food and being mindful of what foods we put in our mouths.
  • Bite It can be used anytime, anywhere and for that added flexibility, on a number of devices. Monitor your progress and view your stats in the online application.
  • We are not promoting weight loss, nor are we trying to convince you to start another diet. We are hoping to bring a sense of awareness back into what you consume. To change your mindset on food and understand your body better.

Bite It has become a lifestyle change – and we mean this in a non-dramatic sense.

We have developed this application based on an idea which we believe not only works long term (yes, we are still using it to this day), but could also make a difference to people’s lives in many aspects. It does not restrict you in any other way, apart from the fact that it encourages you to consume a variety of foods, and stop you from over eating. Most of the time our bodies will signal when we are full, but do we always listen to it?

Many of us will admit to eating/drinking something simply because it is on our plate, or because it is “just there in front of us”. By using Bite It, you will become more in tune with what your body requires and how much energy your body needs to function on a daily basis.

Watching your food intake and controlling your weight is not easy; and many of us have experienced that first hand. It requires discipline, willpower and the determination within you to make these small changes. We want to be there to help you on your journey to making that possible. At the same time it’s also important to simply enjoy food and all the great things we can be mindful of such as the experiences to with eating. This includes smells, flavours, textures, and experimenting with new ingredients.

We are not promoting weight loss, nor are we trying to convince you to start another diet. We are hoping to bring a sense of awareness back into what you consume. To change your mindset on food and understand your body better.

Why count bites? Easy. Effective. Works!

Counting bites is not a new idea. All we have done is taken a new approach to it and developed our own method. We have trialed many forms of how best to count bites and our end result, (which is constantly being tested and improved) is Bite It. It functions as a visual tool that will provide you with the convenience and ease for keeping on top, and on track of your food and liquid intakes.

From past experience, there is a great amount of patience, time and effort, when it comes to counting calories. Have you ever been out to dinner and looked at your plate of food and known exactly how much was on it, let alone in it? Bite It is simple because all you need to do is press a button and enter your bites one at a time. You have the option to either enter it into one of the food groups, or simply as “bites.” We do all the calculations for you!

In contrast to bite intake, we also place a great deal of focus on bite credits.

What does that mean?

Let’s assume that you have a morning routine where you wake up at 6am, go for a 5km run and then later on in the day after dinner, you take your dog for a 3km walk. If you have 56 bites during the day (equivalent to ~ 1400 Cal based on 25 calories per bite average), you may use them up quite quickly over meals and snacks throughout the day. However, given that you did exercise, you gain bite credits to add to your original 56. Which means that altogether, you can have 7 + 4 bites extra (almost a meal!)

It is important to consider exercise while also monitoring food intake because it makes you realise just how much energy your body needs to function and perform. We do all the bite converting on our end, so all you need to do is write in the kilometres or duration and we give you the bites! We have also included an additional feature for you to create your own exercise and determine whether you choose to focus on calories burned, bites gained, duration, distance or quantity. It’s that simple, and it will all be presented to you as bites!

Placing emphasis on exercise is also a central focus for weight loss. We saw it was just as important to include it in Bite It because by entering exercise, you can not only motivate yourself to include it in your everyday life, but also realise how much your exercise is worth, in terms of how many extra bites you can consume a day.

We found it was easier to put it in perspective and thereby not trying to figure out how many calories you have just burned, but how many bites you have gained! Exercise, of course, not only improves your physical, but also your mental state, and both contribute towards living a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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  • Bite It, like all other AP Solution applications, is a product developed based on extensive background research, usability studies and careful design to accommodate all required functionalities.
  • From the initial idea, it took us 6 months to research facts regarding dietary information about healthy living, and to test all our theories and calculations before they were built into the current application.
  • Bite It has the potential to satisfy any user in having a basic, yet complex tool by design, for gaining control and being able to monitor everyday food consumption and exercise, to form and maintain a lifestyle based on healthy living ideas.
  • All calculations built into the application, in order to represent food intake in bites, are based on comprehensive background checks and study using information available on credited and widely acknowledged sources such as National Health and Medical Research Council and Nutrition Australia.
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You can easily go through the registration process in a few step to be able to access all the features and use the application to its full potential.

Upon setting up your profile, the information you provided us with will help determine your daily intake values and get you started!

We encourage you to update your measurements weekly -or even daily- to keep track of your progress and changes in body related indexes.

  • Throughout the development of Bite It, a considerable amount of time was dedicated to research, and to acquire and expand our knowledge through various online and printed educational sources regarding healthy eating, living, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • AP Solution would like to acknowledge these helpful sources, as they provided information during the design of the the application. They also proved helpful to the development of many calculations needed to express volumes and quantities in our base bite model.
  • Based on material provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council
  • We would like to acknowledge Nutrition Australia as the original author same of the material we have used throughout our research in the design and development of Bite It application www.nutritionaustralia.org.